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We strive to build great digital services through the design and development of digital strategies, brands, showcases, photographs, videos, websites, e-commerces, mobile applications, CRM’s, ERP’s and business intelligence tools either from the latest frameworks or from scratch. Then we provide full-service administrative, logistical, creative and technical direction and support to companies and startups.

We create quality products that enrich lives.

The Rope was founded in Milan, Italy, in 2011 with the mission of pursuing creative ideas with innovative technologies and build long-term assets for our clients. Since then, we’ve had the honor of working on a huge array of projects, spacing from design to fashion to IT, from startups to established corporations.
We have built ourselves a vast expertise on what it takes to deliver amazing products.


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Or come and find us, we are located in Milan, Italy, in via Eugenio Villoresi 19/8 at The Mad Box offices.