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We build bespoke digital products and integrated services through the most advanced strategy in web design and web development, e-commerce and iOS & Android development.

We are strongly convinced that design and technology are two of the best tools to solve businesses critical points.

We stand united while listening to our clients’ ideas and, together with them, we transform them in greatly executed projects, making sure that every single step is analysed, designed and implemented with the best practices and technologies available on the market.

Featured work

  • Upim

    La completa presenza digitale dello storico brand italiano

    Design / Development / SEO / Content / Maintenance
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  • IBS

    L'analisi, il design UI/UX e lo sviluppo frontend del quarto più grande e-commerce in Italia

    UX/UI Strategy / User Analysis / Web Design / Development
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  • Noor

    La completa presenza digitale di un nuovo brand di cosmesi di lusso

    Branding / Web Design / Development / Full-service / Social
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  • Roberto Di Stefano

    L'identità digitale e la campagna ADV per la nuova collezione del brand

    Branding / Design / Web Development / Content / Photo&Video Shoot
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  • Winedo

    La progettazione ed il lancio di una piattaforma e-commerce dedicata ai neofiti dell'enologia

    Branding / Web Design / Development / SEO / Content
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  • Ingegnoli

    La riprogettazione e l'integrazione tecnica del nuovo ecommerce dello storico brand milanese

    Web Design / Web Development / SEO / SEM
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  • Superglamorous

    Il redesign del negozio digitale di un brand di calzature di lusso.

    Web Design / Web Development
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  • Broz & Broz

    Il design, lo sviluppo, il supporto clienti, la logistica e la strategia social per il famoso brand di costumi

    Design / Development / SEO / Social / Content / Customer Care / Logistics / Maintenaince
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Our Vision

What we should be pursuing as a species, and more specifically as an industry, is to improve and expand the boundaries of innovation and culture. Yet, we are being held back. Not only in how we use hardware and software, but how we begin to imagine we can use them.

Ready platforms foster monocultural thinking, which inevitably leads to the stagnation and demise of innovation; an observable function of any fallen industry. The web is a bright jewel in the crown of human creation. Nobody owns it. It exists independent of what we do with it. It has no motive other than to facilitate human expression. It is, in fact, evolutionary by nature.

The notion of centralized standards acting as gatekeepers for the industry is antiquated and forever invalid, it’s the very system the web has destroyed. We should always be bound to pursue something more.

We want to pursue something more.

Achille Viggo Calegari
CEO & Co-founder @ The Rope


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